You all know heard that before, right?
What does your kid do when he/she drops favorite cookie?
Does he/she pick it up real quick and put it in his/her mouth saying “Five Second Rule” while looking at you nervously not sure whether you approve or not?

You may have done same. Or not.
But, is it right or wrong? I mean that Five Second Rule.

In 2003, Jillian Clarke of the University of Illinois did survey and 56% of men and 70% of women knew the five-second rule. She said Five Second Rule was true if you drop the food on most public flooring. She even received Nobel Prize in 2004 for this study.

However, The Five Second Rule was false if the floor was contaminated with Salmonella. The Salmonella bacteria got on the bread and bologna in less than 5 seconds.

Vsauce, famous YouTube channel, has video about it and it says you shouldn’t do that as it will get contaminated immediately.

Aaron Carroll, pediatrician, said “I’m a doctor. If I drop food on the kitchen floor, I still eat it.” New York Times, 10 Oct 2016.

Most recently, Anthony Hilton, Aston University Professor, said it’s relatively safe to eat food off the floor if you pick it up quick. He said 79% of 2,000 people who took survey did eat the food off the floor.

I’ll probably eat it if I dropped potato chip inside my house, but, would not if it happened outside or other public places.

Now, what’s your take?
Would you eat it?