Pay with Face?

How would you like to pay for that?
With your Card, Cash or with your FACE?

You might be asked like that in near future when you shop!

Chinese startup “Face++” (valued at about $1 Billion) is into something very interesting and powerful technology. Facial Recognition Technology.

With this technology, you don’t need to carry your credit cards, ID or your wallet.

Working at tight security office? This technology will scan your face and grant your access.
At the shopping mall, stores will get paid automatically without you lifting a finger.
Pulled over by police? Don’t need to do damn thing to identify yourself.

Sounds like science fiction movie, doesn’t it?
Thinking you’ll never see it in your life time?
Think again.

In China, it’s already happening.

Face++ is already being used with Alipay (sort of like PayPal) and Didi (China version of Uber).

Source:MIT Technology Review